Automatic Handle Loop Making Machine


FAIRPRINT Automatic Handle Loop Making Machine is a Breakthru' Innovative Design to deliver Latent needs of Global Consumers for mass production efficiently at very competitive running cost. FAIRPRINT 'an ideal for best quality jobs' is highly productive Automatic Handle Loop Making Machine.

This uses 2” wide strip of Non-Woven Fabric which folds the fabric uniformly from both the sides and does ultrasonic welding at the centre of the strip thus ensuring good quality & smooth handling.

Superior Technology Control Panel with Touch Screen allows easy customer interface resulting in good quality & consistent output.

FAIRPRINT provides complete solution for Non-Woven Handle Loop Making while ensuring Robust, Reliable & Durable products and provides Best Value for Money.


Salient Features:

  • » Superior Technology Control Panel with Touch Screen
  • » Easily Adjustable Length of the Handle Loop
  • » Durable, Reliable & Safe
  • » Easy to Operate


Technical Specifications*

Model H-800
Cut Off Length 300 - 800mm
Roll Width 50 - 100mm
Finish Strip Width 20 - 50 mm
Speed(Approx) 12-20 Pcs/Min
Total Power 5 KW
Weight (Approx) 500 Kgs
Overall Dimension (Approx) WxDxH 1600 x 1500 x 1500 mm
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice
* Speed depends upon Operating Conditions/ Type & Thickness of Non-Woven etc.