Flexo Printing Machine


FAIRPRINT Flexo Printing Machine is a Breakthru’ Innovative Design to deliver Latent needs of Global Consumers for mass production efficiently at very competitive running cost.

FAIRPRINT ‘an ideal for best quality jobs’ is highly productive Flexo Printing Machine. Huge range of Flexo Printing Machine is suitable for printing various type Rolls of Non-Woven, Polythene & Paper.

Flexo Printing Machine is highly suitable for big volumes and results in fast turn around .

Superior Technology Control Panel allows easy customer interface and Robust Unwinder & Rewinder  permits smooth flow of jobs.

FAIRPRINT provides complete solution for  Roll to Roll Printing of Non-Woven Fabric, Polythene & Paper  while ensuring Robust, Reliable & Durable products and provides Best Value for Money.


Salient Features:

  • » Easy Operation
  • » Flexible Starting
  • » Accurate Color Register
  • » After Lifting, Automatically Stir Printing Ink
  • » Reliable Drying System
  • » Automatic Break Circuit


Technical Specifications*

Model E4125 M4125
Printing Color  4 4
Material Feeding Width 1250 mm 1250 mm
Max Printing Width 1160 mm 1160 mm
Machine Speed 80 m/min 100 m/min
Printing Speed  3-50 m / min 3-80 m / min
Cylinder Rolls Anilox Steel Anilox Steel
Plate Lifting By Hand Hydraulic
Gear Drive Spur Helical
Registration Precision Moderate High
Web Guide Standard Ultrasonic
Un & Rewind Type Autotension, Magenetic Power Autotension, Magenetic Power
Winder Magnetic 5 Kg. 10 Kg.
Un-Rewind Roller Airshaft Airshaft
Un-rewind Dia 800 mm 800 mm
Dryer Length 800 mm 2000 mm
No of Fans to Dry 2 (B) 16 (S)
Heat Power 6 KW 9 KW
Total Power 11 KW 20 KW
Power Supply 3 Phase / 415v / 50Hz. 3 Phase / 415v / 50Hz.
Weight Approx 4000 Kgs 5000 Kgs
Dimension (W x L x H) Approx 2200 x 4000 x 3000 mm 2400 x 5000 x 3300 mm
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are general guidelines & may vary depending upon various conditions.
* Printing Speed depends upon operating conditions / type of thickness of Non-Woven / Polythene / Paper, type of inks or chemical used & desired printing quality.
* Actual looks of the Product may vary than shown in Photographs.