Numbering & Barcode Printing Machine


Fairprint Numbering & Barcode Printing Machine is  'Unique & Smart'  Design to deliver  number & barcode on small size paper.

This offline Number Printing Machine is ideal for short / long run jobs. This Numbering Machine is a Great Solution for Printers who are looking for efficiency, compact design & Best Value for Money.

This  machine can also be utilized for Sheets Counting.





Salient Features:

  • » Smart Programming allows for Pre Set Count, Batch Count and Total Count
  • » PLC Conveyor & Printing Head speed synchronization
  • » Rotary Vacuum Feeder
  • » Print Head Height adjustment according to Stock Thickness
  • » Durable, Reliable & Safe
  • » Easy to Operate
  • » Also Utilized for Sheets Counting




Technical Specifications*

Model NBS1812
Size (L x W) 12” x 18”
Max Sheet Size  304 x 508 mm
Min Sheet Size 75 x 90 mm
Feeding System Rotary Suction
Delivery Type Tray
Max Speed (SPH) 6000
Stock Handled (Max) 150 gsm
Stock Handled (Min) 45 gsm
Power Supply 220v / 1 Phase / 50 Hz.
Power required 2.5 H. P.
Customer User Interface -
Width (Approx) 1000 mm
Length (Approx) 2000 mm
Height (Approx) 1400 mm
Perforation Wheels N. A.
Max Possible Inkjet Head (Mounting Provision only) 4 Nos
 (Provision for Each Head/ pen capable of Printing 1/2" Height ) or can be made suitable as per customer Requirements
* Measurement & Technical Specifications are subject to change without Notice.
* Printing Speed depends upon Operating Conditions / Type, Length and Thickness of Paper / Desired Printing Quality.